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Finally, a documentary about the lengths women go to for beauty.
- Sharifa Daniels – Editor,
In the age of instant fame, 'When the Checks Stop Coming In' provides a true look at the inevitable problems with fast money.
- Gia Peppers – Entertainment Reporter,
A must see, especially if you are thinking about undergoing the knife to improve your butt
- Star Connor, Entertainment Reporter for MStars News, Radio One, Star Access Now
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  • #PriceOfPerfection Collection cover

    #PriceOfPerfection Collection

    Get our three most provocative films today!

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  • Hating Obama cover

    Hating Obama

    Is President Barack Obama hated for his policies or because he’s black?

    Coming Soon
  • 72% cover


    The single mother phenomena in the African-American community

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  • A Genius Leaves The Hood: The Unauthorized Story of Jay Z cover

    A Genius Leaves The Hood: The Unauthorized Story of Jay Z

    Explore the mind of a man who never played by the rules and admits it

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  • Black Church, Inc. cover

    Black Church, Inc.

    Prophets for Profit

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  • Knifed Up cover

    Knifed Up

    What is behind the rise of cosmetic surgery in the African American community?

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  • Bleaching Black Culture cover

    Bleaching Black Culture

    Explores the co-opting and monetization of Black Culture

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  • When The Checks Stop Coming In cover

    When The Checks Stop Coming In

    Explores the rise and the fall of the Black celebrity.

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  • The Swirl cover

    The Swirl

    Is interracial dating the new trend or is it still taboo?

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  • Gunland cover


    A look behind the guns and behind the headlines

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  • Bottoms Up cover

    Bottoms Up

    A look into the world’s current infatuation with large derrieres

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Moguldom Studios

Moguldom Studios is a production company for the next generation, creating independent documentary films that are branded as Docutainment.  Docutainment captures the intersection of reality and traditional storytelling techniques in order to take a unique and objective look at the modern pop culture experience.

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