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Explores the Cautionary Tale of the Rise and Fall of Celebrities Who Go From Glitz and Glamour to Filing For Bankruptcy


 (NEW YORK) – August 28, 2014 – Moguldom Studios, known for their revolutionary style of documentaries called “docutainment,” has released When The Checks Stop Coming In, an eye-opening and surprising new film about the bad spending habits of celebrities, and how some go from super rich, to super broke and filing for bankruptcy. The documentary was released on August 26, 2014 and is available for purchase on DVD, as well as digital download through online retailers including iTunes, GooglePlay, and


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When The Checks Stop Coming In is a candid investigation into the lives of black celebrities as they fall from fame and fortune to downright broke.  It’s the life of a celebrity ­­ one minute you are singing to an audience of thousands, playing to an arena of screaming fans, or performing on television for millions of viewers. The accolades are coming fast and furious and the money is pouring in. You think that the dream that you’re living is never going to end, but then you wake up one day and all your money and your livelihood is gone. Your worst nightmare has come true and you’re broke, the groupies are gone and the lifestyle has dried up.


Even the most seasoned and celebrated have lost it all. The list of celebrities gone broke includes Toni Braxton, Antione Walker, TLC, Wesley Snipes, Allen Iverson, MC Hammer and Dennis Rodman…it goes on and on.  Moguldom Studios interviews celebrities, managers, agents, and their financial advisors to learn how much was being spent and how these celebs spared no expense for the glitz and glamour that was their ultimate demise.


This documentary looks behind the curtain and into the lives of black celebrities to find out how they got into financial trouble and what advice they would give to others in hindsight.  Be it lavish lifestyles, poor financial management, child support, or tax evasion, When The Checks Stop Coming In explores how these celebrities perpetuate an underlying issue within the African American community: an obsession with the American dollar.


When The Checks Stop Coming In is a provocative film that encourages debate and discussion about the spending habits of those in the African American community, not just for celebrities. Here at Moguldom Studios, we accept the challenge of initiating and sparking that dialogue. It is our hope that through culturally relevant and important documentaries, that people can walk away with being more aware of the issues affecting the community,” says Brett Dismuke, President of Moguldom Entertainment.


Production credits include Jamarlin Martin, Marve Frazier, Brett Dismuke and Barion L. Grant as Executive Producers, Jacinda M. Rentrope as Director and Producer, with Catina Jones as Producer.


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